So I was busy living my mommy/mompreneur life, planning spring break  and summer activities for my kids and BOOM out of nowhere came terms like "social distancing", "self quarantine", "homeschool", "flatten the curve". I heard about the Corona virus and how it was wreaking havoc in China but never did I think that it would soon reach our homes and totally shut down our lives. 

Immediately my life changed from my regular routine of dropping the kids off to school and working on my business and balancing my other "stay- at-home mom" duties to trying to figure out how to homeschool my kids, provide them with enough activities while keeping them safe. I must confess that this need to self quarantine has made me think outside the box. I find myself trying to exercise more patience with my kids so as to not have a total meltdown and tantrum (i'm referring to myself and not the kids). This season of self quarantine has also forced me to "slow down." The days are long enough and now that we cannot go outside on our usual exploration it makes sense to slow things down and savor each and every moment. I'm playing more with my kids, getting down to their levels instead of  just supervising their play. 

This season has made me stop and think about life in general. Often times we get so busy as we go through our days. We tend to be in a rush, always thinking ahead and sometimes not living in the moment. Who would have taught that a virus would attack the ENTIRE world? This made me think about life and how unpredictable it can be. It also confirmed to me that we cannot control everything and that life is short. Let's enjoy this time that we've been granted to stay home with our little ones. Let's get to know them on an even deeper level. Let's savor this "family time", because this season won't last forever.

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