Inner thoughts of an ordinary mom

As a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM) it is difficult at times to juggle all my existing roles. I’m a mom, a wife, a sister, a momprenuer , a crafter, a licensed mental health counselor, just to name a few. Being a mom has pretty much taken over my entire world and I find that sometimes or most times,I do not make time for myself. In my four years of being a mom I’ve grown to learn that making time for me and I mean just me alone is very important. I find that if I don’t literally carve time out then I end up being grumpy and resentful and unbearable. This is not good for anyone. 

Taking time , even half an hour is like hitting the reset button; especially  if it involves walking in my favorite store and getting a steal of a deal ( usually something for the kids lol). I find that when this happens I get a fresh wind of energy and I’m ready to take on “whatever” drama the kids have in store. 
Finding a hobby, working on a project, reading a book or watching a tv series or movie have all been a source of me time for me. I find that I’m able to pretty much escape into a  whole different world. 
Calling a friend or meeting up with a friend and simply chit chatting (usually  about the kids lol) is another great way to unwind and escape from the demands of the mommy role ( kinda sorta). 
No matter how or the method of me time, there is no denying that it can save a whole lot of lives 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Be the best mom you can be and do what makes you happy. 

Jenspiration By Jermarie
Do what makes you happy

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