Dealing with Changes

I find that one of the hardest things to deal with as a mom is change. Prior to becoming a mom I liked having things remain constant. If it wasn't broken I wanted it to stay the same. Don't change things, don't adjust things just leave them the way they are. Motherhood set in and I quickly realized that change was inevitable. As soon as I got one issue ironed out another thing would pop up. I fought until my daughter was able to successfully breast feed and then I became her pacifier and I had to come up with a plan to wean. 

My first experience with change that stands out in my mind was when the swim coach resigned. I had so much anxiety because of that situation, thinking that my daughter would not be able to adjust. I quickly realized that it would be me, not my daughter who would have difficulty adjusting. This became the first of many changes that we would have to deal with. 

As a mother I have to remind myself that change is inevitable and that I have to set an example and teach my children how to manage changes in a healthy way. Teachers will change, neighbors will move, coaches will change but my support and involvement in my children's life will remain the same and this will help the process. 

 Motherhood is already filled with many challenges, becoming very anxious about situations that are out of our control should not be one of them. Situations can change in the blink of an eye so let's commit to making special memories with our kids and live in the moment. 

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